ZRP Releases Press Statement On Diva Mafunga’s Accident

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On the 4th of July 2023, renowned gospel musician Diva Mafunga was killed in a fatal accident that occurred close to Kwekwe. Since then, the nation and his fans have joined his family in mourning a musical legend who inspired many people through his music.

However, the grapevine received reports from someone who claimed to be an eyewitness to the accident. Minister Kapeza, as he called himself, shared how he watched the car Diva was in rolling several times till the musician fell to his demise.

However, in an official statement to the press, the ZRP has set the record straight on what caused the accident.

ZRP narrates Diva Mafunga Crash

The statement states that Mafunga was driving a Nissan Vannette towing a Nissan Navara. The Vannette had one passenger on board while travelling towards Kwekwe.

The car swerved after passing an oncoming bus, resulting in the tow bar connecting the two cars breaking. Diva’s Nissan Vannette veered off the road and hit a drainage before crashing into trees and rocks.

Diva Mafunga was thrown out of the car and hit his head on the rocks, leading to his death. The Nissan Navara driver survived and managed to stop on the left side of the road.

ZRP issues a warning to the public

The police then warned people from making premature official statements after someone dies. They even warned people to stop sharing images of accidents on social media before investigations by the authorities have been made

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