ZRP Identifies six victims who lost lives on Harare-Mukumbura accident

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released the names of the six victims who tragically lost their lives in a fatal road accident on the Harare-Mukumbura Road.

The victims have been identified as Romeo Nyapfere from Empowerment, Willovale, Harare; Shamain Nyoka from Gorejena Village, Dotito, Mt Darwin; Stella Chikadaya from Kabhareta village, Kandeya, Mt Darwin; Fackson Chiungu, a one-week-old infant from Kabhareta village, Kandeya, Mt Darwin; Kosva Nawero from Rujeko, Glendale; and Authur Nheta from Kararira village, Chiswiti, Mukumbura.

Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has taken the opportunity to urge drivers to prioritize safety and ensure regular tire checks to ensure roadworthines.

Furthermore, transportation operators have been reminded to adhere to mandated payload limits for public service vehicles in order to safeguard lives on the roads.

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