ZRP denies FAZ’s interference in electoral process

Libinance Dokora

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), has emphasized that there was no interference whatsoever in the electoral process from the very beginning.

He addressed these concerns in response to allegations of interference made by FAZ, which gained significant attention across the country.

This development follows numerous reports and videos circulating on social media.Various political actors, including the independent Member of Parliament candidate for the Norton Constituency, made claims of electoral interference by FAZ.

During a press conference, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), stated that the police have been tirelessly working to ensure that no political players disrupt the electoral processes.He dismissed the claims of disturbances caused by FAZ, affirming, “The police ensured that there was no interference in the voting process,” said Nyathi.

The police are entrusted with the Constitutional mandate of maintaining law and order during electoral processes.This responsibility aims to establish a peaceful political environment and contribute to the realization of free, fair, credible, and peaceful elections.

Nyathi urged political leaders to consistently communicate the truth when addressing the public.

He highlighted that this practice significantly contributes to upholding law and order in the country, particularly during the election season.

“When our political leaders communicate with their supporters, they should convey the truth. Sharing accurate information assists the police in maintaining law and order, as opposed to spreading falsehoods,” Nyathi said.

In the meantime, law enforcement reiterated that gatherings of any kind not authorized by the police remain illegal.

The police strongly condemned actions by organizations such as Pachedu, who encourage people to assemble near polling stations.

Nyathi said that such practices would result in immediate arrest without any exceptions.

“Team Pachedu has instructed people to gather a few meters away from the polling stations, and that is against the law. Gathering without proper authorization from local regulatory authorities is unlawful, and no negotiations will alter this fact,” said Paul Nyathi

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