ZNYSGA Denounces Malicious Claims Aimed at Tarnishing ZANU PF Party

By Review & Mail Writer

Zimbabwe National Youth Service Graduates Association (ZNYSGA), has dismissed malicious claims which were made by an entity purporting to use its name, citing that such claims are aimed at nothing but at tainting the name of the ZANU PF party ahead of 2023 general elections.

This comes after a meeting which was held by the entity at Blanket Country club in Mashonaland West Province whose professed aim was to mobilize NYS graduates in a bid to chart a campaign strategy to mobilize votes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as the country is preparing for the upcoming harmonized elections.

In a statement seen by Review and Mail, the National Commander Cde Benhilda Gunda indicated that the two leaders of the entity namely Cde Tichaona Zimbiru and Cde Absalom Madusise echoed statements which are anchored on putting the name of the party to disrepute adding that the ideology of the ruling party is harmoniously driven by the will to serve the citizenry while contributing to national development.

“During the meeting, leadership of the organisation represented notably by Cde Tichaona Zimbiru, with tacit of their leader Cde Absalom Madusise, issued statements which we believe to be inflammatory, divisive, and therefore counter-revolutionary, given that ZANU PF is a unitary Party with a people-centered ideology, which brings together all its affiliates in harmony for national progress,” he said.

ZNYSGA vividly distanced itself from the entity at the time when the two splitter organizations using the same name and declined not to have anything with the proceedings of the entity which issued controversial statements at Blanket.
Apparently, ZNYSGA further unveiled that the statement which was envisaged by the entity in which the use of violence was promoted and labeled Police officers as well as CIO operatives as unpatriotic is against the plain dictates of their code of conduct.

“As NYS graduates, we were trained to be disciplined and respectful of all state institutions. We do not subscribe to violence and lawlessness”, Gunda said.

This comes at a time when President Mnangagwa is preaching the words peace, promoting a peaceful environment in the upcoming national plebiscite to achieve free, credible and peaceful elections.
In response to the sentiments by the entity which paraded as ZNYSGA claiming that Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) is linked to the CIO hijacking ZNYSGA, ZNYSGA made it clear that their organization is only linked to ZANU PF and not with it’s internal affiliates.

“As an association, we do not seek to involve ourselves in the internal affairs of other ZANU PF affiliates, but rather, to build our own profile and capacities, addressing our weaknesses and further adding weight to our strengths,” the press statement reads.

ZNYSGA noted with concern that criticizing the older generation of revolutionaries as people who have blood on their hands and unfit for taking a leading role in the new economic development is a clear disrespect for the sacrifices which they made.

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