ZIMPLATS distances self from Anti-Chinese rants.

Albert Chavhunduka

Mining giant Zimplats has distanced itself from anti-foreign investment statements recently made by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) attacking Chinese business operations in Zimbabwe.

Last week a scathing statement released by Crisis Zimbabwe Coalition and endorsed by 20 civic organizations criticized Chinese related business interests and investments .

“We, the Zimbabwe Civil Society groups, united in our common objective of defending our communities and national heritage against investment projects that dis-empower and impoverish our people, seek to register our deep concern with the behavior of Chinese business operations in Zimbabwe,” read part of the statement.

The civil organisations accused China of perpetuating inequality, human rights abuse and environmental crimes in Zimbabwe.

“Sadly, the abundance of natural resources has become the major cause for poverty, inequality, human rights abuses, environmental crimes and transnational organised crime that are prejudicing the country of billions of dollars annually and this has been going on for decades,” added the statement.

Speaking to Review and Mail, Zimplats head of corporate affairs Busi Chindove denied the mining company having any association with the groups.

“Zimplats is not associated with the group and did not have any input into the statement. We conduct our business in line with our values of respect, care and deliver and our purpose, which is to create a better future for our stakeholders through the metals that we produce and the way in which we do business,” said Chindove.

Anjin Investments, one of the Chinese companies singled out by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC) said the civil organisation’s statements were falsehoods.

“In our operations, as a company, we remain committed to upholding human rights, minimize environmental harm through continuous engagement of environmental management consultants to assist us, and continue to remit all royalties and levies to government as required.

“In other words, we operate within the laws and regulations, like any other entity operating legally in the country,” said Anjin Investments.

In a separate statement, the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe (CCEZ) said: “Our member companies’ business conduct and policies are first and foremost premised on abiding by the laws and policies of Zimbabwe and the principles of respect for human rights, justice and equity for our employees and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the communities we operate in,” said CCEZ.

ZANU-PF weighed in dismissing the statements by civil organisations labeling them as ‘western-funded’.

In a statement, the ruling party’s secretary for information and publicity Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa said CZC was not propagating xenophobic propaganda.

“The revolutionary party ZANU-PF laughs off remarks coming from a crisis ridden organisation identified as Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition,” said Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

“The organisation, which is known to be a convergence of headless chickens and crisis activists, released a sponsored statement attacking investors to Zimbabwe singling out Chinese investment in the country.

“Besides what is known already, this organisation is a front of failed Western propaganda and a collapsing regime change agenda in Zimbabwe, whose treacherous mission is to install a puppet establishment for plunder and expropriation,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa added that all investment was welcome in the country regardless of where it originated from as espoused by the Zimbabwe is open for Business mantra.

“It is for this reason that Zimbabwe’s economic growth under this policy framework has received positive commendation by global institutions such as the IMF, having buoyantly achieved a 5,1 percent economic growth rate in the year 2021.”

“Zimbabwe is not apologetic about her relations with China and ZANU-PF is fully confident that our relations will continue to rain mutual benefits to our fraternal people. As it stands, we are proud of being one of the leading nations in the region in terms of Covid-19 vaccinations through solidarity from China, Russia and India,” he said.

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