Zimbabwean women’s cooperative takes Marula tree beauty oils to UK

By Claudia Lee

An all female start-up company based in Zimbabwe will be giving away 300 free samples of its new plant based beauty oil to customers on Saturday. 

Chiiso Botanics, a start-up company specialising in exotic wild plant-based beauty oils, will launch its new product – Marula oil – at a pop-up event in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton.

The start-up is part of a mission by London-based entrepreneur Mufadzi Nkomo, 54, who lives in Streatham Hill, Streatham, to bring to the UK some sought-after beauty oils from her native Zimbabwe.

She said: “I started off with 10 women back in 2020 and now there are over 80 women in the cooperative and it is still growing.”

Marula is a type of fruit that grows in abundance in Zimbabwe and its oil helps build collagen as well as hydrating skin and hair.

Mufadzi Nkomo and her mother holding the Marula fruit

“The oil would not get rid of wrinkles – but helps with the ones caused by pollution and environmental stressors because we believe you want the best antidote to premature skin damage.

But, Ms Nkomo said this was not necessarily a bad thing.

“Wrinkles etched in by experience, laughter, and wisdom should be celebrated. –

“Marula oil will give your skin the best skincare while empowering rural women in southern Zimbabwe.”

Photographs of the women’s cooperative will also be on display at the launch event and the Marula oil will be available to buy in the Chiiso Botanics website after Saturday. – First appeared on South London Press

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