Zimbabwean dollar vanishes

By Leafias Mazviro

Zimbabwe has been grappling with soaring inflation, but a significant shift has taken place.
The Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL) has vanished from the bustling streets of Harare, leaving a void in the local currency market.

Vendors, in a bid to adapt to the changing economic landscape, have ceased accepting ZWL as a form of payment. This abrupt transition has resulted in a predicament for customers, who now find it arduous to obtain their change in ZWL.

As a consequence, many individuals are being compelled to make purchases they would otherwise prefer to avoid.

The disappearance of the ZWL has introduced a new chapter of economic uncertainty for both vendors and customers alike.

Vendors now force customers to by unwanted goods.

In an interview, in the Central Business District (CBD), a vendor told Review and Mail that they are experiencing shortage of change and are forcing customers to buy things they do not like.

“The ZWL notes are disappearing and we don’t know the reason so if you buy something for US$1,50 using US$2,00 , I will force you to buy something for US$0,50,” Tendai Mutasa said.

“ZWL dollar is slowly disappearing as there is a huge shortage in the streets, many of us are into small businesses and are struggling to find it.”

“I think most importantly, is the fact that because of the chronic high inflation the Zimbabwean dollar itself has lost value and people have lost confidence in our own currency.

“So, you see there is a huge and growing demand for the US dollar because it is a stable currency that can preserve its value,” he said.

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