Zimbabwe frets over gays

…VP says community unlawful, anti-life, unAfrican

Political Writer

Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has issued a strong message against what is seen as growing gay influence in the country, allegedly fed by foreign forces through scholarships.

Chiwenga pointed out that young people were being lured by scholarships sponsored by gay communities, making the strongest statement yet under the Second Republic, which had so far been seen as liberal.

And there have been indications that gay culture is exploding in the country, especially among young urbanites, a far cry from the days of former President Robert Mugabe who once described gays as “worse” than pigs and dogs.

Chiwenga, who like the late Mugabe is a staunch Catholic, said: “The Government of Zimbabwe strongly and firmly rejects and denounces as unlawful, unChristian, anti-Zimbabwean and unAfrican, insidious attempts by foreign interests to entice, lure and recruit Zimbabwe’s less privileged, but able students into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender activities and malpractices through offers of educational scholarships.”

Ironically, it is widely believed that children and family members of high ranking Government officials and the rich are mostly the ones fueling gay culture.

Zimbabwe prohibits same-sex marriage, but experts say the law doesn’t expressly outlaw gay associations.

But Chiwenga dug in: “Zimbabwe has legislated against all such deviances, making any offers predicated on the same aberrations both unlawful and criminal, and a grave and gross affront on our national values and ethos as a Christian nation.

“To that end, Government sees such scholarship offers as a direct challenge on its authority, and thus will not hesitate to take appropriate measures to enforce national laws, and to protect and defend national values.

“Our schools and institutions of higher learning will not entertain applicants, let alone enrol persons associated with such alien, anti-life, unAfrican and unChristian values which are being promoted and cultivated by, as well as practised in decadent societies with whom we share no moral or cultural affinities.”

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