Zim to have a World class mineral processing plant

By Leafias Mazviro

Sabi Star lithium mining company has stated its intentions to establish a world class mineral processing plant in the country

According to the firm’s presentation during the Chamber of Mines Annual Conference and exhibition held in Victoria Falls, the owners of Sabi Lithium Mine said the facility will have an ore processing capacity of 1 million tons per annum, with a Li20 6 % lithium concentrate output estimation of 300 000 tons per annum. 

The development has been set to provide extension technical support from one of the top Chinese Lithium beneficiation research institutions to improve the recovery rate, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the plant.

The company is expected to employ more than 400 people, with 85% of the employees being locals. The project will also facilitate the transfer of skills from expats to local employees through comprehensive training on new technologies and equipment.

“There will be employment creation as the project forecast to recruit over 400 workers at full production. The bulk of the non-skilled workers will be form the immediate vicinity of the project. There is going to be a transfer of skills from expats to the locals through training and coaching of new machinery and technologies,” the company said in the presentation.

This aim to boost the local labor force’s skillset and introducing new techniques and processes to the mining industry.

In addition, the plant’s establishment will lead to the improvement of the local infrastructure such as roads which will improve accessibility to the area, water and also social amenities.

The project is poised to generate foreign currency through foreign direct investment and 100% export sales of the mineral concentrate.

“There will be improvement foreign currency generation through foreign direct investments and 100% exports sales of the mineral concentrate. There are also benefits to downstream businesses such as transport, local retail and local suppliers for mine consumable also Revenue generation for the Zimbabwean Government through tax and royalties,” said the company.

The implementation of the project will open up new solutions and opportunities to Country’s mining industry, which will translate into industrial and economic growth for the country.  

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