Zim Swimming receives praise for digital innovation

Shelly Guni

Dr Benson Martins Dube, the Chief Director of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation, has commended Zimbabwe Swimming for its groundbreaking digital initiative.

With a deep appreciation for the importance of technological advancements in sports, Dr Dube has lauded the organization’s efforts in embracing digital innovation to enhance youth participation and engagement in swimming.

This commendation stands as a testament to the remarkable strides made by Zimbabwe Swimming and their commitment to staying at the forefront of progress in the sporting landscape.

Zimbabwe swimming Digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth in the sports industry.

The platform is made up of modern savers that store data and track the performance of swimmers from their club level up to the international level.

Coaches, teachers, parents and swimmers will have access to the information on the platform.

Lessons for beginner swimmers will also be conducted online using social media platforms such as Facebook Tik Tok, zoom etc.

And to achieve this, Zimbabwe Swimming partnered Sport Pro from South Africa.

The event was attended by a number of guests, also present at the launch was the Swimming South Africa President Allan Fritz.

Speaking at the launch Dr Dube said:

“I am delighted to be officiating at this important gathering where we are embracing the use of technology in sports and recreation. I would like to appreciate the effortless time that Zimbabwe

“Swimming has spared for this special event. Let me take this opportunity to applaud Zimbabwe Swimming for partnering with Sports Pro.

“This initiative is going to add value on how to administer swimming in the country. Instead of doing it the traditional way, going digital will pave the way for smarter and faster ways of managing swimming in Zimbabwe.”

Dr Dube believes sports are now being consumed on mobile phones by the younger generation.

“This is because the sports industry is now in the midst of a digital revolution. Everything from the safety of players to broadcasting. team strategizing and management is firmly driving towards a digital future.

“This is because today improve and all athletes at large rely heavily on sports equipment swimmers for their training. Digital equipment offered by Sports Pro will enable Zimbabwe Swimming to track performance improvements of their swimmers, the effect of diet changes, and the impact of changes in the training regimen with unprecedented precision.”

The digital platform will manage all swimming clubs in Zimbabwe.

“As a result, Zimbabwe Swimming will generate income to run their day-to-day swimming activities by allowing companies and individuals to subscribe on their website page as well as pay subscriptions to advertise their products and services Workshops, coaching clinics, and capacity build workshops will be conducted online thus reducing expenditure on the Zimbabwe Swimming Association in booking hotels, meals, and transportation of participants.

“Practical training or competitions will be conducted on the pools recommended by the Zimbabwe Swimming Association such as the Les Brown Pool.”

Dr Dube added that the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation is in support of the noble idea and would like to commend Zimbabwe Swimming to put more effort into developing and monitoring swimming talent from all corners of the country using effective strategies that promote good governance as well as reduce cheating and any other bad behaviors in sport.

“Just like any business in another industry, those in the sports industry too must learn to adapt to the change Digitalization has drastically improved the sports experience for players, fans and has unlocked tremendous revenue opportunities for various stakeholders, and is even changing the very nature of sports in many complex ways.

I would like to challenge Zimbabwe Swimming to utilize a variety of existing digital technologies to unlock new business opportunities so as to achieve sustainability and future success.”

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