ZIFA, Committee meet SRC

Shelly Guni

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and the ZIFA Restructuring Committee have met with the Sports and Recreation Commission to provide an update on the implementation of some of the requirements that were necessary for the ZIFA Executive Committee’s suspension to be lifted on June 8, 2022.

The meeting took place on September 7 and this is the first time the parties have met since the suspension of the ZIFA Executive Committee by the SRC in November, 2021.

The ZIFA Restructuring Committee began its roll-out programme, with the independent body expected to come up with comprehensive investigations on some of the issues that were raised by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

The nine-member committee that was appointed in December by the SRC is undertaking matters of a strategic nature, as outlined in their terms of reference, in line with the provisions of Section 21, 19(b), and 20 (c) of the SRC Act.

“For its part the SRC outlined its expectations for parties to start to put into place an agreed framework populated by specific tasks and deadlines (‘Implementation Matrix’) regarding matters agreed as requiring reform.

“In this respect it was noted and agreed in principle that: – The BDO forensic audit report will be availed at the end of September, 2022,” the SRC said in a statement.

The SRC said some current and former members of the ZIFA Executive Committee, as well as the General Secretary, had been asked by BDO to provide clarity and insight into certain transactions relating to the finances of ZIFA, adding their responses were the main outstanding issues before the report was finalized.

The committee’s term of office will run up to December 2022.

“The meeting provided an opportunity for BDO Chartered Accountants to provide a progress report on the forensic audit which they are presently carrying out on the financial affairs of ZIFA,” SRC said

The Restructuring Committee gave an update on the progress it has made in discharging the tasks forming a part of its terms of reference.

“Likewise, the Restructuring Committee expects to complete its findings and final recommendations to the SRC within a period that will allow ZIFA members in a general meeting to consider the same for adoption.

“There commendations will form the basis of the Implementation Matrix; it being noted that the Restructuring Committee submitted its preliminary findings to the SRC in August, 2022.”

ZIFA is expected to convene an Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) upon the submission of the final BDO forensic audit report as well as that of the Restructuring Committee.

The EGM, expected to take place this October, will accord members to consider the final Audit Report.

“Thereafter, the issues adopted during the EGM will form the basis the Implementation Matrix (with times and deadlines for the discharge of agreed reform goals). This matrix will be made available to FIFA and CAF”.

 The same Implementation Matrix as well as the full details of the BDO forensic report and the findings and recommendations of the restructuring committee will be made available to the public in line with the SRC’s previous undertaking in this respect.

“A key component to the Implementation Matrix is the adoption of a new constitution by the members of ZIFA in December, 2022, after which and subject to the provisions of the new constitution.”

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