ZEC denies false reports on V11 forms

ZEC denies false reports on V11 form

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The Zimbabwe Electoral CommissionZimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) issued a press statement vehemently denying the authenticity of reports regarding the re-calling of election agents and observers to sign new V.11 result forms.

The response comes after recent claims circulating on social media platforms about the V11 forms.

ZEC Chief Executive Officer Utloile Silaigwana expressed deep concern over the misinformation being propagated, clarifying that these reports are entirely false and without merit.

The Commission underscored that the polling station returns, known as V.11 forms, are an integral part of the election process. Following the counting of ballots at each polling station, copies of the V.11 forms are sealed within the ballot boxes.

“These boxes are not to be tampered with or opened by any individuals until the legally stipulated time for their examination and the handling of their contents unless directed by the Electoral Court,” Siliagwana said.

“ZEC is committed to the integrity of the election process and the protection of the election residue.

We urged the public to disregard the misleading information circulating on social media and to rely on official sources for accurate updates.”

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