ZEC clarifies Mwonzora’s inclusion on the ballot paper

Libinance Dokora

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has addressed the growing concerns and speculations surrounding the inclusion of Douglas Mwonzora’s name on the ballot paper for the upcoming elections.

In a bid to clear the confusion, ZEC has provided a comprehensive explanation for Mwonzora’s continued presence on the ballot.

This comes after Mwonzora’s announcement on Tuesday to withdraw from vying for the highest office on the land in the presidential election which he described as boycotting the August 2023 elections over management irregularities by the electoral board.

Mwonzora had since indicated that his party received bad treatment from ZEC when eight nine of his parliamentary candidates nomination papers were rejected on account of late submission intimating him to stop his presidential bid as he claimed he would not be able to form a government that does not have good representation of parliamentarians in House of Assembly.

“We are not going to be part of the baptism, blessing of this sham. This election is a farce,” Mwonzora said.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) presidential candidate Douglas Mwonzora failed to tender his withdrawal from the presidential race within the time frame which is stipulated by the plain dictates of the electoral board governing the withdrawal of candidates in the elections.

“A candidate nominated for election as President can withdraw from the election by informing the Chief Elections Officer of The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in writing 21 days before the polling day,” said ZEC.

In response to ZEC’s stance not to remove him from the ballot paper, Mwonzora said that he had communicated his decision within the time frame on August 2 adding that ZEC is lagging behind on sticking to timelines.

“They cannot force me. I have withdrawn from the race. Since when has ZEC respected timelines? In recognising the period from withdrawal, you do not include the first day. The point is that my decision has been made. What ZEC says is of no consequences. We are out of the race,” said Mwonzora.
Zimbabwe is set to hold its harmonised elections this month in 13 days to come.

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