ZEC Announces Record-Breaking 6.5 Million Registered Voters

By Review & Mail Writer

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has reported a significant milestone in the country’s electoral process, with a record-breaking 6.5 million registered voters ahead of the upcoming elections.

Speaking to a local publication Chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana said the figures on the voters roll is now credible.

“We have 6.5 million registered voters,” he said.

Silaigwana , expressed their satisfaction and optimism about the impressive number of registered voters, which represents a notable increase compared to previous electoral cycles.

The commission had been actively engaged in a voter registration drive for several months, urging eligible citizens to enroll and exercise their democratic rights.

“We are pleased to announce that Zimbabwe has witnessed an unprecedented surge in voter registration, with a remarkable total of 6.5 million citizens now officially registered to vote,” he said.

“This substantial increase in registered voters reflects a growing interest and participation in the democratic process, and we are encouraged by this positive trend.”

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