ZB launches International Virtual Service Centre

By Nyasha Mutena

Diversified financial services provider, ZB Financial Holdings Limited (ZBFHL) today officially launched its integrated digital platform the International Virtual Service Center (IVSC) which is aimed at enhancing customer experience in this fast paced business environment.

The system was first introduced at the tail-end of last year and has since received “commendable” usage by customers, it has emerged.

ZBFHL operates ZB Bank, ZB Building Society, ZB Life Assurance, ZB Reinsurance, ZB Capital and ZB Transfer Secretaries, among other units.

“We have removed what you used to know as a bank branch, an insurance office, microfinance office and replaced it with the IVSC,” ZB Financial Holdings CEO, Shepherd Fungura told reporters at the launch.

“This offering birthed from our service center concept from our bank branches which we converted into service centers not only offering banking but insurance and investments. So this is a virtual form of that branch.”

The financial services group has assembled a dedicated staff at this IVSC at its Rotten Row offices in Harare and the system is operational through calls, emails and Whatsapp.

IVSC attends all customer queries, enquiries and complaints and in addition to that it also offers transactional assistance on all ZB digital platforms.

“Over and above attending to customer queries, the IVSC also provides underwriting and claims services for ZB Cash Funeral and on boarding of customers for banking, investment and insurance solutions inclusive of micro loans, mortgages etc.” said Fungura.

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