ZANU-PF newly elected MP Taedzwa Mutana vows to transform Epworth South

ZANU-PF newly elected MP Taedzwa Mutana vows to transform Epworth South

Abel Karowangoro


Taedzwa Mutana, newly elected Member of Parliament for Epworth South under ZANU-PF, expresses his determination to fearlessly transform his constituency.


“I understand the desires of the people and have successfully addressed their needs through dedicated service,” Mutana shared in an interview with Review and Mail.


My journey began as a general dealer selling groceries for two decades, and now I operate a funeral parlour serving the residents of Epworth.


In the history of ZANU-PF for the past 20 years the party could not win the legislative seat the first time, where they could win with an elections.


“I extend help whenever possible, filling in the gaps with what I can offer.”


Throughout the campaign, I facilitated the drilling of 8 boreholes, ensuring access to clean water for the people of Epworth. My commitment to this cause remains unwavering, as I intend to continue drilling more boreholes until safe and clean water reaches every individual,” Mutana said.


In my role as Taedzwa Mutana, representative of Epworth South, I am devoted to transforming Epworth.


Notably, our President Emmerson Mnangagwa has already granted titled deeds to many, and this progressive process will persist.


“Anticipate witnessing an improved Epworth, complete with upgraded infrastructure and roads,” he added.


Mutana affirmed that President Mnangagwa fully supports transformative initiatives that positively impact lives.”

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