Youthful candidate’s historic victory

Youthful candidate’s historic victory

Shelly Guni recently in Zvishavane

A youthful candidate has secured a council seat for Zvishavane-Runde, ward 16, in a historic turn of events.

This triumph marks a significant turning point in Zimbabwean politics, as it demonstrates that the next generation is capable of leading and effecting change.

The newly elected councillor, Emmanuel Mhike, 35, has already shown great promise and dedication to public service.

The award-winning arts, media, and development practitioner’s campaign focused on addressing the pressing issues faced by the community, such as unemployment, lack of infrastructure development, and access to quality education and health services.

Mhike’s victory can be attributed to several factors. His ability to connect with voters on a personal level played a pivotal role in his success.

He took the time to listen to their concerns and proposed practical solutions that resonated with them, building trust and gaining their support in the process.

“As a community development practitioner, I have been working with these people for quite a long time now, so it was really easy for me to relate to the people,” Mhike told Review and Mail.

His energy and enthusiasm were contagious, inspiring others to engage in local politics and work towards creating a better future for their community.

Mhike’s victory also underscores the changing dynamics within Zimbabwean society. The younger generation is becoming increasingly politically aware and active in shaping their country’s future.

They are no longer content with being passive observers, but are actively participating in politics to bring about the change they desire.

This signifies that the youth are ready to assume leadership roles and contribute their ideas and talents to nation-building.

“Our focus now is on developing the community. I am looking forward to carrying out numerous developmental projects, with a focus on the devolution of services.

“We have 28 active irrigation gardens. Most of this work was initiated through a community development project by a Non-Governmental Organization starting in 2013.

“This is arid land, so these irrigation schemes help the community in a very positive way.”

Mhike’s win serves as an inspiration for other young individuals who may have previously felt discouraged or excluded from politics.

“The feeling is truly amazing. I want to express my appreciation to everyone who placed their trust in me.”

However, it is important to note that Mhike’s victory is just the beginning of a long journey towards meaningful change.

“As I mentioned before, I have been involved in many projects with the community here, so we are going to take everything a step further.”

As a young politician, he will face numerous challenges and obstacles along the way.

“The road ahead will demand perseverance, dedication, and collaboration with other council members to effectively implement his proposed policies.”

“I must remain accountable to my constituents and ensure that their voices are heard throughout my term. I should actively seek feedback from the community and provide regular updates on all progress.

“By doing so, I can maintain their trust and support while also fostering transparency in local governance.”

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