Your high tea was not high enough: Olinda Chapel

Belinda Mucheuki

Socialite and business woman, Olinda Chapel set social media ablaze after posting her frequent upcoming ‘High Tea’ adverts, this time around saying ‘The Real High Tea.”

This was just after another socialite Sis Melly released the pictures of the High Tea event she hosted in South Africa giving Zimbabweans a moment of refreshing away from the stresses and pressures ahead of the operation dudula.

The event was attended by a number of socialites based in South Africa and other Zimbabwean, Jack Ngarande being the guest speaker. Popular socialites like Zuva Urban Tete, Roselyn Shuro and Rue Mangena also graced the event.

According to Olinda Chapel, their event was not worthy the title ‘High Tea.’

“But someone explain to me, why eat like this and call it a ‘High Tea.’ This is not about money as many try to remind me. It’s just about having etiquette that’s all,” said Olinda Chapel.

The attendances did not take Olinda’s comments well as they criticised her of being nosey and judgmental.

“Classy is defined by how you treat and address other people. You are an evil person who is always waiting to analyse what other people does with their lives and you try to be on top of everyone then you are trash and not classy. Diaries people, I love you, see you soon at the next high tea,” responded Sis Melly.

“We do not tolerate jealous, kukurira mushabhini and getting attention from drunk men can make you do childish stuff for attention. Stop it Olinda, on this one you are wrong,” said Zuva Habane.

“Mukaona tichifara kuno kuAfrica on our low budget musazotishorawo kana kuti tarisira pasi , kutoedza kukombodza nhamo. Mukaona takapfeka hembe dzamunoti dzakacheaper uye dzakashata  tinenge tatopihwawo nevamwe kuti tisashame , hatina chatinacho isu – if you see us celebrating here in Africa on our low budget please do not judge our dressing , we are not rich like you,” responded Jack Ngarande.

Jack Ngarande further posted her videos dancing at the function without shoes and captioned it, ‘The classless guest speaker, without exposure, grooming and etiquette.’

People are still divided on what needs to be done during a high tea event. Some criticised Olinda for comparing her event with other people’s while others thought some of the activities were really not fit for that particular function.

“The event took a turn I did not expect, manje ndichaita sei necomment yandanga ndaisa kwamai Nkomo,” said one of Sis Melly’s followers regretting having negatively commenting on Olinda’s post after seeing a video of some activities which were undertaken during Sis Melly’s High Tea event.

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