Where is our water Your Worship?


What is of greater priority between purchasing a Nissan Navara and procurement of water treatment chemicals?

I believe in this case the city authorities will say it is the vehicle because according to them, it can also be used to collect garbage in the suburbs. Water treatment chemicals therefore is just but a secondary matter.

The struggles of our people in urban societies have since reached undesirable levels. So much productive time is being wasted in queuing for water which is supposed to be available in each urban household. How are we expected to achieve sunshine city status by 2025 when current indicators are pointing backwards?

When a city whose population is higher than all other provinces in the country can not provide basic needs of such importance as water which has no substitute, why then must they continue being trusted with mandate to run townhouse affairs?

The greater the population, the higher the revenue should be. Where is the money going to? Auditor General and anti-graft body must be seen at work here to investigate alleged unnecessary workshops which are gobbling so much money which is supposed to be channelled towards service delivery.

We have heard from time immemorial excuses for failing to provide adequate water to residents. At some point it was “scarcity of foreign currency” to acquire treatment chemicals, but then, we gotmto a point when all the currency we had in the country was that foreign US dollar which all citizens were compelled to transact with.

The excuses then shifted to a series of breakdowns at the treatment plant and high cost of spare and repairs. For how long are we going to live with these excuses?

At some workshop, the all too powerful Harare mayor struggled to explain the situation behind water shortage. The explanation lacked substance as it only sort to exonerate blatant incompetence at townhouse.

The city has sold so much land to individuals and corporates; the city has has properties which are rented and are supposed to be bringing in revenue; the city has a huge population of rate payers; the city runs daily operations impounding vehicles and arresting illegal activities which rake in some big revenue. So, where is all this money going to, when even the city employees themselves are crying everyday over low remunerations; when service delivery is at its lowest; when water tapes are gathering rust. Where is the money?

Fellow citizens, we are not sleeping in Glen Norah and other places as we have to queue for water whole night at some overused borehole which itself has seen good time and crying for rest. Your worship the “executive mayor” of Harare, we need water, not excuses and politicking. Dear reader, you may wonder why executive mayor is in quotes; I am here trying to highlight to you that there is no such thing as ceremonial mayor in this constitutional arrangement. You must all have followed the squabbles between the city and the central government over Pomona and Rufaro stadium deals. This tells us we have an executive mayor who has power to fight battles of such magnitude. We therefore must knock his door to make him provide the much needed water in our households; he can not claim powerless on that, never!

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