European Union declares impartiality as it unveils 46-member observer delegation

Phillipa Jaja
A senior European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM official has said there is no hidden agenda behind their observation of the 2023 harmonised elections other than it being a spirit of partnership with countries that want to uphold democratic standards during electoral times.

The mission deputy chief observer, Dr. Beata Martin-Rozumitowicz, was responding to questions from journalists about their true interest in the country.

“Interest is not just in Zimbabwe but in all countries of the world where the European Union has a relationship,” Martin-Rozumitowicz.
The Election Observation Mission today deployed 46 long-term observers (LTOs) across the country.

The mission signed an administrative agreement together with the Government of Zimbabwe which granted it access to all aspects of the pending elections.

“We observe in many countries throughout the world.

“Up to this stage we have observed in more than 100 different places and so it’s a sign of the European Union’s ongoing relationship with Zimbabwe as a partner in that spirit of partnership to try and work together to achieve those goals of better democratic governments and better democratic elections.
“We want to support those countries who would like to see democracy move further and so as a spirit of partnership we are here to promote and to defend those democratic principles and to see the extent to which those international documents which they willingly signed and aspired to are seen in this electoral process,” she said.

The Deputy director stressed that the deployed observers will maintain impartiality during the course of their duties.
“They will not interfere in the electoral process in the course of their work. They will only use first-hand and verified observation in their reporting.”

The mission is expected to comprise more than 15 observers from all 27 EU member states, as well as Canada, Norway and Switzerland.
EOM is independent of the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe, EU member states, all EU institutions and any other entity.

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