Weed Out G40 remnants, Youth tell ED

Albert Chavhunduka

The Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform, an affiliate of the ZANU-PF Youth League has called on president Emerson Mnangagwa to flush out saboteurs within the ruling party who are working with the G40 or risk losing the upcoming by-elections and general elections in 2023.

Speaking while addressing the press at the Media Centre yesterday, ZYAP chairman Tonderai Chidawa accused the ruling party’s headquarters of housing elements that are working hard to betray the party.

“Your Excellency President Mnangagwa with your indulgence as the vanguards of the party, it is our appeal that all the rotten people at the ZANU-PF party headquarters be urgently relieved of their party posts for dishonesty and disloyalty to yourself and the revolutionary party. Half of the workers and directors at the party are not loyal to you but they are appendages of Kasukuwere and the fallen G40 cabal. These same sellouts are the authors of the chaos in provincial elections,” said Chidawa.

Chidawa warned that there are close allies to president Mnangagwa who are determined to see him failing to win the elections.

“It is so disheartening that there are people who are close to you and they can’t tell you the truth on what is going on the ground. We need people who tell you the truth as we go for the March by-elections and the 2023. You are doing great to attain the goals you set when you took over in 2017 but there are people who are determined that you should not succeed and these people must be flushed out,” he said.

Chidawa claimed that they are going to name and shame people within the ruling party who are working with the G40.

“There are people at ZANU-PF Headquarters who are working with the G40 cabal to make sure that you lose the next election. We are going to be naming and shaming them soon, we are also going to name and shame their paymasters,” he said.

Hands Off..Temba Mliswa(pictured) has been warned to stop interfering in Zanu PF affairs

ZYAP chairman accused Norton Independent legislator Temba Mliswa of meddling with the internal affairs of ZANU-PF and working together with the G40.

“We are fully aware of the objective of Mr Mliswa in feigning loyalty and support for president Mnangagwa while at the same time attacking everyone else around him. On cannot claim to totally support President Mnangagwa while supping with unrepentant schemers whose life goal is to topple president Mnangagwa,” said Chidawa.

President Mnangagwa is struggling to unite and stabilise the ruling party which is riddled by factionalism since its December internal elections. The president fired his close ally and State Security minister Owen Ncube over allegations of dividing the ruling party in the Midlands province.

A recent report released by the CIO showed that ZANU-PF had a 45% probability of winning the 2023 elections owing to supporter’s unhappiness with internal election outcome and failure to deliver after the 2017 military coup.

President Mnangagwa is set to face off with Nelson Chamisa, leader of the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party in the upcoming March 26 by-elections and in 2023.Insiders within the ruling party, say some bigwigs would prefer the elections to be postponed because of internal divisions, amid a serious concern that some ZANU-PF supporters may not even vote for Mnangagwa.

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