We will bag by-elections: Mwonzora

Albert Chavhunduka.

Beleaguered MDC-T/Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora has professed victory for his party in the upcoming council and parliamentary by-elections to be held next month.

Yesterday, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) rolled out a massive mobile voter registration countrywide.

The opposition party recently failed to field candidates when the Nomination Court opened last week something the party blamed on constraints of time.

In a statement, Mwonzora said his party has an easy job and guaranteed victory in the by-elections.

“Our candidates have an easier job in these by-elections because they are going to square up mostly against non-achievers who have short changed our people for years. Some of these are self-serving individuals who abandoned the electorate as soon as they were elected in 2018. They are now reappearing because there is an election again,” said Mwonzora.

Mwonzora urged his party candidates to not to remain focused and not give attention to any criticism against their party.

“Currently, the party is being subjected to a noisy and dirty campaign. A lot of false propaganda is being churned everyday against us by enemies of democracy. Social media bullying is the order of the day. An underdog tag has been foisted upon us, with threats of an imaginary total electoral annihilation come March 26,” he said.

Mwonzora added that these were just baseless threats from factions that are actually afraid of his party.

“These threats are simply made to discourage you by people who in actual fact are afraid of you. Fortunately, our germane and intrinsic character and our rich history of struggle in the face of adversity does not and will not allow us to succumb to base intimidation and cheap propaganda. These vile attacks and propaganda only work to motivate us and bring the best out of each one of us.”

However, political analyst Professor Ibbo Mandaza said the by-elections next month are going to mark an end to Mwonzora and his MDC-T party.

“The by elections on 26 March are likely to mark the burial of Mwonzora and POLAD and thereby placing ZANUPF, and ED in particular, in the most invidious of situations,” said Professor Mandaza.

Another analyst, Pride Mukono said Mwonzora’s chances of winning the by-elections next month are a little to none.

“They hold no chance at all. This is a two-horse race between CCC and ZANU PF. In areas like Epworth they may get votes above 2k but that’s it, overally they will have less than 10% of the total vote cast. They are not a factor in this election,” he said.

Last week, Mwonzora’s MDC-T party pocketed $149 850 000 availed by Treasury through the Political Parties (Finance) Act to boost their coffers ahead of the March 26 local council and parliamentary by-elections.

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