Was Chigova a victim of witchcraft, false prophecy?

…As concerns of medical bungling also surface

Review & Mail Writer

Could the death of George Chigova, the former Dynamos and Warriors goalkeeper who died in South Africa at the age of 32 on Wednesday have been avoided?


This has emerged after a video surfaced showing Chigova attending a church service in South Africa and being told by a pastor that,”There’s nothing on you, it’s your thoughts.”

Chigova was diagnosed with a heart ailment in July, and was sidelined at his club Supersport, where he was making a second stint under gaffer Gavin Hunt.

However, the club declined to extend his contract, following the discovery of the disease.

In the clip, Chigova tells the pastor of his contractual predicament and reveals that his heart has been diagnosed as big and irregular.

It also appears that Chigova suspects witchcraft by unnamed persons.

But the pastor tells the player, who is attending the session with his wife: “There’s nothing on you, it’s your thoughts. So, I will pray for you.”

The pastor then turns to the witchcraft aspect and instructs the goalie: “Go into your house, call these people’s name(s) and say, I know you, I forgive you. Keep doing it. Speak to everybody…they are looking to bring you down.”

It is not clear whether Chigova dilligently attended to medical advice and procedures from or at this point.

However, some commentators suspect that Chigova’s quick return to training at Supersport may have aggravated his condition following the diagnosis, with the goalkeeper eager to return to the fold after only featuring for seven matches.

Chigova also played for Polokwane City in the South African Premiership.

“Zikeeper” as he was known back in Zimbabwe, played for the senior national team and also features at the African Nations Cup.

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