War vets in inaugural congress as ZANU PF wing

Phillipa Jaja

War veterans, long viewed as an appendage of the ruling ZANU PF, cast any doubts about their relations with the revolutionary party, participating for the first time at the liberation movement’s 7th National People’s Congress as a wing of the party.

Over the past years, the war veterans, under the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association, have played a key role in ensuring the party remained vibrant, mobilising supporters and encouraging them to vote for it.

This they have been doing just as an affiliate of the party, before their incorporation into a full wing of the party, becoming the 4th high level structure of the party.

And last Friday during the 7th ZANU PF National Congress in Harare, President Mnangagwa acknowledged the important role that the liberation fighters played as in the affairs of the party, further cementing its role as the major contributor of its ideals.  

“The bold decision to establish the war vets league completes the party agenda. This is the party of your sacrifices during the liberation struggle. Let us defend the party and our independence and freedom,” he said.

This was echoed by the Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU) Secretary General, Kennias Shamuyarira in a congratulatory solidarity message for the successful holding of the ruling party’s Congress.

Shamuyarira praised ZANU PF for  showing maturity by integrating the association in its structures.

“The holding of this Congress after the sacred inclusion of the war veteran’s league into the Revolutionary party’s structures shows that the new dispensation is truly after restoration of legacy,” Shamuyarira asserted, adding that this was the only surety for future aspirant leaders.

 “The inclusion of war veterans in the league and being led by those who fought for it or those who learn from those who fought for it without deceitfulness is a sacred covenant for all Zimbabweans who dream to rule Munhumutapa or Dzimbahwe.”

The ZFTU boss said the War Veterans Wing served as a moral compass for the party meant to give direction and protect the gains of the liberation struggle.

“ZANU PF without proper guidance and guidance of the veterans of the revolution was heading for a future disaster, manipulation and infiltration by power hungry money splashing opportunists who were sneaking to destroy and neutralise it from within as we witnessed during the G40 era where ZANU PF was to be hijacked by selfish politicians.”