Vultures facing extinction because of poaching by pastors and prophets: Bird Life Zimbabwe workshop reveals

By Phillipa Jaja

Vultures in Zimbabwe are facing extinction due to poaching by pastors and prophets who allegedly use them for rituals, a media sensitization workshop on the importance of the vulture bird revealed today.

Zimbabwe is home to six species of vultures, five of which are critically endangered and at risk of extinction.

However a media workshop by the Traditional Medical Practitioners Councils (TMPC) in conjunction with Bird Life Zimbabwe today shed light for the mishap.

Pastors and prophets were fingered as the alleged culprits according to Bird Life Zimbabwe’s twitter account.

“Pastors and Prophets alleged to be the majority those using or causing the hunting of vultures for rituals. A workshop for journalists and church leaders convened by @birdlifezim has revealed.

“The moment vultures goes extinct we are in trouble as Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe need to avoid the India Vulture crisis.”

Speaking at the workshop BirdLife Zimbabwe, Prevention Extinction Programme Manager, Mr Leeroy Moyo outlined the importance of vultures as follows:

“Vultures which exclusively eat dead animal carcasses are particularly effective at removing pathogens and toxins in the environment because they rapidly consume carcasses before it decays.

“Their stomachs are acidic, which help in destroying many harmful substances found in dead animals (anthrax and rabies).”

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