Voting continues following extension

R&M Writer 

Voting has continued in some parts of the country after delays in the first day saw some areas receiving materials and commencing the exercise late.

A number of areas in Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo faced severe delays, which opposition claimed was disenfranchisement.

However, last night President Mnangagwa, using his powers under the Electoral Act, announced that voting will continue today from 7am to 7pm in those wards in Harare and Manicaland that received local government ballot papers late in the day, or not at all, and so could not open or opened very late.

There was no mention of Bulawayo, although it is understood that Zimbabwe Electoral Officials on the ground would use discretion to extend voting to meet the legal 12 hour window.

The delays also affected the voting in these wards for President and constituency MP as the stations there could not open until all ballot papers were present.

Late arrival of voting materials, errors and inadequate ballot papers were some of the anomalies reported.

At a press conference held in Harare, opposition CCC, expressed disquiet over delays and leader Nelson Chamisa claimed that urban strongholds were being targeted for “disenfranchisement”.

The party also claimed some incidents of violence.

Observers and other stakeholders raised a red flag over delays in voting experienced in Harare and other centres.

However, in the majority of the country, voting went on smoothly and counting commenced last night with rural areas and smaller towns recording smooth processes.

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