Veteran cleric Mukonori under fire over dialogue remarks

Political Review Writer

Roman Catholic priest, Fidelis Mukonori, has come under withering criticism for suggesting that opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, who is disputing his loss during the August 23 harmonised elections, should move on and consider dialogue.

Mukonori, a respected cleric and advisor to former President Robert Mugabe, made the suggestions during an interview with Trevor Ncube.

State media latched onto the conversation to push a narrative of Chamisa losing and the need for him to join a pliant platform of smaller parties, leading to angry responses from the opposition and its supporters.

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi angrily reacted to the sentiments.

“At the very least, the electoral sham of August 2023 did not pass the test for an election,” Mkwananzi said.

“In other words, the events of the 23rd & 24th of August 2023 cannot be a basis for Father Mukonori to talk about ‘winners & losers’. “This is the position commonly held by all observer Missions that observed the elections,” said Mkwananzi.

He added: “In short, if ever there would be dialogue in Zimbabwe, it would not take place on the basis of a winner and a loser but on the basis of two of Zimbabwe’s political leaders namely President Nelson Chamisa and Mr Mnangagwa.

“Their dialogue would need to take place outside the purview of the ill-fated & illegal POLAD Framework-a feeding trough for fringe political ‘leaders’ who only care about their stomachs & the benefits extended to them by Mr. Mnangagwa to undermine the leading party in Zimbabwe: the CCC “Accordingly, a genuine bilateral framework for dialogue will need to be facilitated between the two political leaders. In addition, the dialogue must include several other key Stakeholders such as the church, civil society, Business, women, youth, informal traders etc.”

Mkwananzi stated that the dialogue must be underwritten by SADC from the outset and be confined “to only one objective” of establishing a “Transitional Authority” whose sole mandate would be to deal with all issues that hinder a free and fair election in Zimbabwe such as the disbanding of ZEC, political and media reforms.

Mkwananzi said there should be a conduct of a fresh, free and fair election.

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