Vendor Brutally Attacked for Cigarette, Razor Blade Prices

Libinance Dokora

A Bulawayo vendor was brutally attacked by two suspects and sustained injuries after a misunderstanding over his pricing of cigarettes and razor blades.

Dumisani Mpala (46), a vendor who is based in Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb, was brutally assaulted by the pair which is yet to be arrested.

In a statement, Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele revealed that the police is working flat out to bring the unknown to book.

Commenting on the scene,  Msebele unveiled hat the unknown suspects approached Mpala at his vending area where they had an altercation resulting into the suspects assaulting the victim.

“One of the accused persons enquired about the prices of razor blades and cigarettes.

“After he was told the price, the two unknown accused persons started shouting at Mpala accusing him of overcharging his products and that they wanted to teach him a lesson,” she said.

The police spokesperson further went on to reveal that the suspects fetched a hammer next to the vending stall and struck Mpala on the head.

“The other accused person also picked a stick and assaulted Mpala several times all over the body until he collapsed

“The two accused then fled from the scene. The now deceased sustained a cut on the forehead and some bruises all over the body.”

Mpala succumbed to injuries on June 27, after battling for his life for nearly a week.

The police is working around the clock to get the suspects arrested and face the wrath of the law.

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