UFC Welterweight Champion Themba Gorimbo Urges Zimbabweans to Stay Positive

Shelly Guni

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Themba Gorimbo, has pleaded with the Zimbabweans to be upbeat.

With the message ” We Rise,” Gorimbo posted a photo of himself carrying the national flag.
The South Africa-based martial artist last month was involved in an controversy that saw the Sport and Recreation issuing a statement on the matter.

Gorimbo insisted he was forbidden from wearing the national colors during his fight in Las Vegas.
He alleges that Kirsty Coventry, the sports minister, turned down his request to wear the national colors.

The SRC clarified the matter by informing the Minister that no such request had been made.
Gorimbo created history when he became the first person from Zimbabwe to triumph in a UFC match. “We Rise.

“We have been challenged in so many ways and we have always risen above it all and still rising.

“We are the hardest workers in Africa. We are the toughest people in Africa and probably the world.
“Send me good energy Zimbabweans,” he said.

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