Muzorewa’s UANC predicts win

Libinance Dokora

The United African National Council (UANC),President Rev Dr Gwinyai Muzorewa has said imminent vote splitting within the ZANU PF party involving G40 leader Kasukuwere and Lacoste by President Mnangagwa in the upcoming 2023 will open doors for his victory.

This comes at a time when Zimbabwe will soon hold its national elections on August 23 with 9 presidential candidates vying for the country’s top office.

Dr Muzorewa addressing the media in Harare, envisaged that the coming in of the former cabinet minister and top ZANU PF bigwig who was in self-exile some years ago in the presidential race will spark vote splitting within the ruling part citing that it will work to his advantage of winning the elections.

“The participation of Kasukuwere in the presidential elections is good for us because what it means is that ZANU PF is weakened,” he said.

In their manifesto Muzorewa claimed that his party is the only party which upholds the chief gains of the liberation.

“I would like to urge all the citizenry to vote for the UANC on the 23 of August 2023 as we are the only party which upholds the liberation reams, sovereignty and constitutionalism,” Dr. Muzorewa  said.

UANC manifesto is anchored upon four pillars which entails democracy, dialogue, development and dignity with a belief that this is an essential recipe for the success of the nation.

“Our manifesto for the 2023 elections is based on four pillars, democracy, development, dialogue, and dignity. We believe that these are essential ingredients for a successful nation, we want to achieve democracy by ensuring free and fair election, respecting the law, protecting human rights and strengthening institutions.”

“We want to promote development by reviving the economy, creating jobs, providing social services and investing in infrastructure,” said Muzorewa.

Despite the fact that Muzorewa’s name was soiled and associated to selling out by the late president Mugabe’s regime, the politician indicated that he has high prospects of winning the 2023 presidential plebiscite as people know the truth.

“I am the best prospect to win because people now know the difference between propaganda and truth. A lot of people wish they would interact with the international community. When Muzorewa interacted with the British or even with the whites in this country his concern was to dialogue to have peace without war,” he said.

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