Tsitsi Dangarembga questions CCC party logo

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Award winning playwright, author and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga has said the insertion of faces of political figures on political party logos is contributing towards the culture of political hero worshipping.

She posted this on her twitter account in reply to a user who had raised alarm at the CCC banner used at a recent press conference by leader Nelson Chamisa.

The banner that triggered debate and discussion.

The said banner was in the party’s yellow collar and had Nelson Chamisa’s face in the middle of the semi-circle crest with the words Citizens Convergence for Change.

A twitter account with the name @Kella Makhaza  said

“The hero-worshipping in the recently established @CCCZimbabwe party is a cause for concern. Chamisa is seen as a god whereas it’s supposed to be the people. Was there any need to place an individual on a party logo? Such elements reflect a dictator in the making.”

In response, Dangarembga said

“I agree the backdrop shows signs of megalomania, just as Zanu Pf regalia plastered with faces of its leadership does. CCC should take note of this tendency & beware. The recent red carpet was another red (!) flag. Zw(Zimbabwe) does not need any more megalomaniacs, but people driven leaders.”

In response to Dangarembga, activist Hopewell Chin’ono said that it is important for Chamisa to have his likeness on the party logo as Zanu PF has already managed to destroy the image of his former party MDC.

Hopewell Chin’ono

“it is impossible @EfieZethufor @nelsonchamisa to stick to traditional norms when he is fighting a dictatorship which as you saw stole his party He doesn’t need a red carpet, but his face is the only thing the regime can’t steal. It is needed because this is an unconventional fight”

Activist and technology entrepreneur Freeman Chari also weighed in on the matter, by saying Chmaisa had to put his face as a means of bypassing ZEC logo infringement rights.

On his Twitter account, Chari posted

None of us, including Nelson wanted Chamisa on the logo. Circumstances forced that. Intel had it that ZEC was going to reject CCC’s filing based on similarity of symbols. The only way was to add a face at least for the time being. I believe with time that will be fixed.”

Historically, main political parties in Zimbabwe have always the face of the leader as part and parcel of the banner.

Post indeoendence, the Zanu PF logo featured the face of the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe .

The oiriginal MDC party logo had a circular design that featured late leader and former national prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai as the centerpiece.

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