Tobacco Research Board Rebrands as Kutsaga

By Nyasha Mutena

Zimbabwe ‘s tobacco seed producer, Tobacco Research Board (TRB) has rebranded its name to Kutsaga in a move that will extend its mandate of researching and producing other seed varieties relevant to the country’s agricultural needs.

The institution will however continue to treat tobacco seed research and production as its core business but will also onboard other plant seeds such as potatoes, industrial hemp, macadamia and eucalyptus among others.

Previously, Kutsaga was simply the name of TRB’s headquarters in Harare.

The Tobacco Research Board was reconstituted as a statutory body in 1950 with a mandate to direct, control and carry out tobacco research in Zimbabwe and subject to the approval of the Minister such research outside the country as it may deem to be expedient.

“The transformed TRB is better positioned to continue delivering on its primary 11 mandate of conducting tobacco research and to its secondary mandates to deliver value to its stakeholders,” said board chair Stanley Mutepfa, in a speech read on his behalf.

“Our transformation remains ‘work in progress” as we are undergoing a restructuring process to improve our internal capacities, capabilities and competencies to generate the requisite efficiencies for the delivery of our new mandate.”

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