Tobacco Research Board gives away gumtree seedlings

Phillipa Jaja

The Tobacco Research Board is giving away free gum tree seedlings through the Kutsaga Products and Services.

The initiative is a part of its corporate social investment and requires one to bring their own transport for collection during working days from 7am-3pm.

The offer has been made available on its social media platforms to different stakeholders in a bid to promote sustainable tobacco production.

“We are giving away free gum tree seedlings to growers, merchants, partners and individuals in an effort to promote sustainable tobacco production and the balance of nature through our own corporate social responsibility investment.”

THE Tobacco Research Board (TRB) last year rolled out agro-forestry and afforestation initiatives around the country, as part of its efforts to re-generate the ecosystem to manageable and sustainable levels after years of degradation due to various human activities.

As a result, TRB disbursed over 13 hectares of gumtree seedlings in Manicaland, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, and Mashonaland Central provinces.

The agroforestry and afforestation projects were also replicated at other TRB major sites at Banket and Oriental Masvingo stations.

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