Tigere declares a quarterly dividend of US$ 0.03

Leafias Mazviro

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Tigere Property Fund has declared its quarterly dividend of 0.03 United States cents per unit for the period ended June 30, 2023.

In a circular by the firm seen by Review and Mail, Tigere said the dividend will be paid on or about 31 August 2023.

“Notice is hereby given that the REIT has declared its quarterly dividend of USD 255 202 made up of USD 218 087 (being 0.03 United States cents per unit) as well as an additional ZWL167 651 585 (being 2330 Zimbabwe Cents per unit) in respect of the period ended 30 June 2023,” it reads.

“The dividend will be payable on or about the 31st of August 2023 to all Unitholders of the Company registered at the close of business on the 25th of August 2023.

“The units will be traded cum dividend on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange up to the 21st of August 2023 and Ex-dividend as from 22nd of August 2023.

“The applicable Unit holders’ tax will be deducted from the Gross Dividends. All Unitholders who are yet to provide both their ZWL and Nostro bank account details are requested to submit to our transfer secretaries,” said the company.

Tigere Property Fund (Tigere REIT) is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that is re-shaping commercial property investment and helping to shape the future of Zimbabwe. The Fund uses a deliberate and specialised investment strategy to build an income-based portfolio for the benefit of its unitholders.

A key part of its vision, Tigere’s investments to enhance Zimbabwe’s infrastructural and economic development while fostering inclusive capital growth and value preservation. Combining capital with an experienced Asset Management team, Tigere enables investors to achieve above-average returns through retail and commercial property.

Tigere Property Fund was the first REIT to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in late 2022.

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