‘The Cries of a married man’ book set for release

By Phillipa Jaja

A local evangelist and a child rights advocate’s personal struggles and other men’s challenges in marriage have inspired him to write a book offering solutions to these men.

Titled “The Cries of a married man,” the book tackles the rarely addressed challenges faced by man in marriage and also offers solutions in case of tribulations.

The author who has also written unreleased poetic pieces and songs to inspire men and society at large drew inspiration from documenting a lot of men’s experiences within the marriage set up during evangelical missions.

Speaking to the Review and Mail yesterday, author Farayi Mujeni said the book motivates men to open up on challenges affecting them.

“The book envisages to give men the courage to talk, face tribulations with boldness. I would want to see a society were boys and man are allowed to express their emotions. This will ensure that they release pressure and anxiety. In this book I talk about masculinity and wellbeing.”

He said the book will be released soon.

“We are targeting the 5th of June to be the release date. It took me about 2 years to fully document these experiences as I wanted the book to be exhaustive.”

He highlighted the challenges faced along the way.

“The responsibilities of a man have always been a hurdle, family at first didn’t really believe I could do it as my wife thought the book was about her and not the broader spectrum of man.

“Being a slow writer in terms of typing also made a strain.

“Finances to publish are still a strain as I have to balance the little I have for the family as well as the book.”

Mujeni is also the founder and team leader of Miracle Helping Hand Foundation. 

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