Sunflower production increases 206 percent

By Agriculture Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s production of sunflower saw a sharp increase in the past year.

This is according to the findings of the 2023 First Round Crop and Livestock Report shows that the total area planted under all crops marginally increased by 8% from 3,387,038 hectares in 2021/22 season to 3,674,149 hectares in 2022/23.

The highest increase was reported for sunflower (206%) and finger millet (56%). The report also notes that less rainfall and cropping activities were reported in the southern parts of the country across Matabeleland South and North, Masvingo and parts of Manicaland provinces.

Meanwhile, northern provinces received above-normal rainfall in January and February, and some parts experienced water logging and soil leaching, which could slightly reduce potential harvest in these areas.

Recent stability in the cost of the minimum expenditure basket observed over the last three months comes as a reprieve for poor and vulnerable households who struggle to meet their minimum food requirements on a daily basis.

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