Substance and drug abuse hinders development, youth officer says

Alcohol and drug abuse, lack of recreational and sports facilities, unemployment and a lack of resources are what the youth in the Mazowe constituency identified as hindrances to their development.

The young people said if accorded equal opportunities and platforms, they will be able to soar out of the miserable positions they find themselves in, and possibly help themselves and their communities through sports.

These were some of the sentiments at a workshop on Integrated Physical Education Sports programme, which is ongoing in schools.

It is a major attempt to improve the health of children, both physically and psychologically.

It aims to reactivate physical education in an integrated fashion, and is also designed to benefit and develop out-of-school youths.

Tafadzwa Wengeni, said during the piloting phase, they want to determine whether there is interest and willingness to participate amongst the targeted groups because the programme intends to impact many young people in the selected constituencies.

Wengeni thus urged the participating groups to come up with community service initiatives which will positively address the identified challenges in the constituency.

He went on to remind the participants to embrace the opportunity and strive to make a difference in their villages as community governance contributes highly to human growth and development.

He also encouraged the young people to develop initiatives around eco-cultural tourism for their benefit and that of the constituency at large.

Wengeni further urged the participants to sustainably use what is available to them, and called for unity of purpose to ensure that they achieve their common goals, which would eventually contribute to regional development.

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