Massive Seizure: South Africa Destroys 20 Million Smuggled Zimbabwean Cigarettes

South African authorities have successfully intercepted and destroyed a staggering 20 million Zimbabwean cigarettes that were illegally smuggled into the country, estimated to be worth millions of dollars, Review and Mail has learnt.

The operation, carried out by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in collaboration with various law enforcement agencies, marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against cross-border illicit trade.

SARS said that the contraband cigarettes are  hidden inside multiple shipping containers, which were  discovered during a routine inspection at the Beitbridge Border Post.

In a statement seen by Review and Mail , the SARS destruction of the illicit and smuggled cigarettes is going to take a few days.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is losing an estimated 99% of revenues from cigarette smuggling into South Africa.

The undeclared cigarettes are usually concealed in trucks, buses and other vehicles destined for South Africa by organised cartels.

An investigation by Review and Mail reveals that Remington Gold is the most smuggled contraband into South Africa.

A box of the Remington Gold costs US$250 and when smuggled to South Africa the sale will be twice.

When the publication went to inquire at the Remington Gold factory , they were told that they were out of stock.

However, a staff member from the factory said that they do not sell to individuals who are not in their database.

“This seizure demonstrates our commitment to combating illicit trade and protecting our country’s revenue. Smuggling not only undermines legitimate businesses but also poses significant health risks to consumers, as these products often bypass quality and safety regulations,” SARS statement reads.

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