Sikhala was on scene of violence, court hears

By Courts & Crime Correspondent

Opposition Citizens Coalition of Change member Lovemore Maiko has told a Harare magistrate that fellow party member and incarcerated politician, Job Sikhala, was present on the day that a CCC group attacked Zanu-PF supporters in Chitungwiza last year.

Maiko said this during cross examination by State prosecutors Tafara Chirambira and Dzidzai Josiah in a continuation of their trial before magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

The State alleges that that the two contravened section 41(a) of the Criminal law codification and reform Act of Zimbabwe by behaving in a disorderly manner when they led a CCC group and approached a group of Zanu Pf supporters that were gathered at a rally in Chitungwiza on 2 May 2022 at Zengeza 5 Open Ground.

Maiko made a volte face and said Sikhala was present in the day of the skirmishes, contrary to what he said in his initial defence.

Pressed to answer, Maiko also failed to explain why if he had been attacked first by Zanu PF supporters he to date had not reported any matter with the local police.

Maiko also failed to name properly the occupants of a house he alleged he hid, and refused to say if he he had any witnesses to testify in his defense.

The matter was postponed to 9 November 2023 for trial continuation wherein Job Sikhala is expected to take the stand in his defence.

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