Shamva Gold Mine Achieves Remarkable Turnaround

By Leafias Mazviro

Shamva Gold Mine has increased annual production to 700 kg following the injection of US$15 million towards the mine’s resuscitation.

In the financial year that began in April 2023, the company indicated that it is targeting to increase annual gold production to 770 and this would essentially be enabled by an increased average grade.

Briefing the media on Friday, Shamva Gold Mine general manager Engineer Gift Mapakame said they are producing 45 000 tons of ore per month, a figure that was last achieved in 1910.

Shamva gold mine was going under some transformation, the mine is presently using ore processing facilities owned by one of the company’s sister companies, Freda Rebecca Gold Mine in Bindura.

“In 1910, 45 000 tons were achieved and today we are doing 45 000 tons per month. We started by collaborating with Freda Rebecca Gold Mine and accessing their vast processing capacity to process our ores.

“In April 2020, since being put under care and maintenance, Shamva Gold Mine pulled its first tone out of the mine and it was recapitalized well in terms of capital infrastructure required underground, consumable, and working capital.

“Since 2020, we have been able to mine and process slightly over half a million tons of ore from our underground operations alone.

“That half million tons on average on an annual basis mined at grade 1, 70 grams per ton, has allowed us to average a steady gold production of slightly below 700kg of gold per year,” he said.

Shamva has, since 2021, been having a capital development for underground operations of US$4 million per annum after the injection of US$15 million towards the mine’s rehabilitation.

“The resuscitation capital for Shamva Gold mine coming out of care and maintenance and ramping it up to full production is an estimated US$15 million and then thereafter, the annualized stay in business capital which was now employed effectively 2021 going forward is US$4 million per annum.

“The significant amount of the stay-in-business capital expenditure goes to capital development for underground works,” he added.

At present, the gold operation uses a conventional mining method which is intensive, and thus Shamva employs 1035 people the majority of whom are local.

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