Shadaya spurns Olinda Chapel’s extended olive branch, says he would rather eat from the bin

Phillipa Jaja

Controversial social media influencer Tawona Shadaya has refused Olinda Chapel’s offer of sponsorship citing emasculation.

Olinda Chapel had earlier today asked Shadaya Tawona for a business proposal live on instagram so that she can sponsor him to start a business.

Shadaya however poured cold water on the offer today in disdain claiming Chapel’s emasculation of former husbands was not effective on him.

“The biggest problem with this woman is she has never been around a man, she has changed one boy toy to another. Pathetic men who have no self-respect, who worship her, gave up their balls for some trinkets

“And now she thinks, she can use her money to control every man, to be her loyal puppet. She gets her ego gassed up by bragging she takes care of men. It makes her w*t humiliating these pathetic men under her sponsorship

“But come on sis, look very closely at your 2 dummies then look at me, you’ll see the difference between a tamed zoo lion & a wild lion in the jungle. I’d rather eat from the bin than eat from your plate.”

Beef between the two has been heightened recently following Shadaya’s disapproval of Chapel’s alleged disrespect towards her husband, Tytan, following the enhancement of her self-image.

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