Practice frequent sex to reduce infertility: Dr Mocanu

Philipa Jaja

Regular sexual activity is a key factor in increasing the chances of conceiving and reducing infertility which affects approximately 48.5 million in the world, said a prominent fertility expert.

This revelation comes as a significant revelation in the face of the local and global challenge of infertility.

To address these misconceptions and shed light on the widespread nature of infertility, the month of June has been designated as World Infertility Awareness Month.

During a virtual press conference held in observance of this event, Dr. Edgar Mocanu, the President of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS), shared his insights on the matter.

He emphasized that couples should engage in sexual intercourse at least three times a week in order to enhance their chances of conception.

Dr. Mocanu underlined the significance of discussing this aspect with his patients, highlighting the direct correlation between the frequency of sexual activity and the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.

 By recognizing and acting upon this association, couples can actively work towards improving their chances of conceiving.

“If a man and a woman have intercourse once a month, their chance to conceive is negligible while if they have sex three times a week, they are probably in an optimal place to conceive because the idea is that the more the female is exposed to the sperm, provided of course the quality of the sperm and her tubes being open, they are more likely that she will conceive. Two three times a week is ideal.”

A study on South African men over a period of six years (from July 1985 to June 1991) showed that 49 percent of men suffered from secondary infertility. Another study reported an overall 73% decline in sperm concentration in African men over a period of 50 years (1965–2015).

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