Seek legal channels, avoid violence at all costs: Ramaphosa

R&M Writer

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has echoed the call for peace in Zimbabwe as the opposition’s rejection of the August 23 elections threatened to plunge the country into crisis.

The elections were largely peaceful, avoiding major violence in the run up to, during and in the immediate aftermath of the poll.

However, after losing the presidential election, which went 52.6 percent majority to incumbent President Mnangagwa agains his main challenger Nelson Chamisa’s 44 percent, the opposition rejected the outcome.

The party has not yet engaged in any legal challenge by approaching the courts but has been making political statements following divided opinion among observer missions.

This has left the country tittering on the brink, with credible fears that violence could break out in the country following days of uneasy peace.

And South African leader Ramaphosa, while addressing media Tuesday, urged non-violence.

“Violence is one of those reactions that we abhor and want to avoid. And the Secretary-General of the United Nations has made the same call and so do we,” said Ramaphosa.

“Violence must be avoided at all costs.

“Elections are processes that are always either disputed or accepted, and when they are disputed, there are always channels, in every country, to challenge the outcome of the elections and we want that to always be done on a peaceful basis.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Republic Police Tuesday evening issued a statement warning against illegal gatherings encouraged by some social media messages whose source has yet to be ascertained.

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