Samantha Rusare reflects on childhood, career and love

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Not all media personalities, especially those you hear on radio or watch on TV, are likely to put you down with a haughty attitude or toxic character because they have the world supposedly under their feet.

Some are simply decent human beings, and wonderful people that you will find in pretty common human endeavour.
As wives, mothers, sisters or muroora.
Or, better still, as workers chasing targets and deadlines, doing real work.

Samantha “Sam” Rusare fits the bill of your pleasant company both on and off air.
She is known as a newscaster, marketer and voice over artist, and has worked for AB Communications, and now Zimpapers Broadcasting division.

Her life is pretty straightforward – from her own upbringing, to parenting, to love (and being loved).
“I grew up in Sunnridge and it was so much fun the way l was raised by my parents,” she told a radio station at the weekend.
“We used to spend most of the days roaming around in the streets playing games like ‘rhaka rhaka’ and coming home late at 6pm and it was hard for us to get in the house since the parents are already came back from work.
“I really enjoyed the company of other children that’s something l always look back on,” she said.

She believes that during the days she grew up, the environment was much safer – something that has changed, and she doesn’t believe streets are safe now.

Samatha was always one to put up a show, literally, and had her career cut out for her.
As a student, she went to schools such as to St Johns High where performed sports, drama, modelling and public speaking.

“My mother used to say you love things to do with people standing in front of people interacting with them,” she related.
This would lead to her taking media studies at university.

Family and love
Samantha is happily married, with children.
She told the radio station that she thought her mother would make a better parent than her – and had to learn much.

However, things are also changing, posing a challenge to new parents.
“I have noticed that the world is changing the way l raise my children as a mother is far more different from the way l was raised just because of the change of era and dilution of culture to a modern society, as we used to go out and play with my peer groups but nowadays my kids stay indoors on most of there time,” she said.

She revealed some love secrets.
She said she had met her husband, and fell in love with his “consistency” (which, she said, sometimes lacks as a wife or in other relationships) – and the man had remained so to date, making the relationship different from all others she’s had.

Her love language?
I love some good touch and cuddling, she giggles as she says, and that will make her sleep easy.
Samatha revealed that her partner was good at love-gifting and always figured how to connect with her.

“My marriage experience is so amazing and it is good to be a mother same as being responsible to be a wife,” she said.

She revealed that she had had no issues becoming a mother – quite a clear role – but had initial difficulties as a wife as she tried to gel with her partner and negotiating their values, upbringing and what works.
Not in a fatal way, of course.

Now she is couched nicely in her wife and motherly roles – like others she has excelled before our eyes.


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