Sam Stanley building the future one brick at a time

29 year old Zimbabwean entrepreneur Sam Stanley has taken the business sector by storm through forming a construction company called Rubix Design and Build which has helped in creating employment for the youth.

Through his construction start-up, the entrepreneur has managed to recruit an eight member team which is responsible for home, office and industry interior and exterior designing in the country as well as in  South Africa.

Below is an interview between Review and Mail’s Yeukai Tazira (YT) and the young entrepreneur.

YT: Tell us a bit about yourself?

SS: Sam Stanley is a young, passionate, self- motivated, goal getter who enjoys networking and above all a God fearing guy who has been in various businesses in Zimbabwe, likes retailing and wholesaling and now construction.

YT: Where and when were you born?

 SS: I was born in Bindura in 1993 on the 26th of April in a family of 3 and I am the last born.

YT: Where did you grow up?

SS: I grew up in Rushinga, Mashonaland Central Province and then moved to Harare in 2005 to pursue my education

YT: When was the company birthed?

SS: It was formed 2018 but formally registered in 2019

Men at work…some of the Rubix Designs workers at a project site

YT: How many projects have you done so far?

SS: We completed 16 projects last year, two from South Africa and 14 in Zimbabwe including places like Victoria Falls, Bindura and Harare

YT: What does Rubix Design and Build specialise in?

SS: We specialize in home and office improvements and also cater for residential, commercial and industrial designs

YT: What inspired you to start your business?

SS: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t know how to go about. I identified a huge gap in terms of infrastructure and housing industry and that is when I thought of registering my company to fill that gap. We have international models and concepts which we adopted from developed countries.

YT: As a young entrepreneur how has been the journey for you?

SS: To be frank with you, it was not smooth at all. If I knew from start the obstacles, I was going to face I would not have dared but I thank God. And because I had a vision and my motivation was, is and will always be from within I am moved by anything at all.

Some of Rubix designs completed designs

YT: What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur and how did overcome them?

SS:  At first, I only had ideas and no resources available. I had no proper premises to operate on. My pockets were empty and that was a hindrance since I could not afford to do big projects. It was difficult as small and new company to break into an industry that is already dominated by other big companies. Nevertheless, there are other clients who believed in us and we delivered the job. From there references and more clients started coming in.

YT: What plans do you have for the future?

SS: For me the future is what we do every day. I look forward to owing the largest company that does production, wholesaling and installation of modern glass solutions for residential, commercial and industrial and that is able to create more employment opportunities for young generation and also to empower entrepreneurs through funding and information.

A backyard swimming pool designed by Rubix designs

YT: What do you think should be done by Government in terms of availing opportunities to young entrepreneurs?

SS: Government must make sure financial empowerment structures are there in each and every city or province. They should also provide entrepreneurial courses or programs to empower the youths. Funds must be easily accessible especially foreign currency to those who need capital. I also think that youths should occupy more seats in parliament because they are the future leaders. The involvement of entrepreneurs in decision making that involves small and big business entrepreneurs is also crucial. There should also be low or no import tariffs on some lines. Tendering opportunities should also be given to small businesses.

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