Roki’s redemption arc set to go full circle at ZIMA awards

Fitzgerald Munyoro

Urban artist Roki’s Cinderella story is just a few pages away to from being the perfect comeback tale at the 2021 Zimbabwean Music Awards after he received five nominations in various categories.

The enigmatic singer is second in nominations to “Handipere Power “hitmaker Nutty O who has been recognized 7 times.

The ‘’Screenshot’’ singer has received the nod in the following categories: best RnB AND Soul, Best Visuals for the song “Screenshot”, best collaboration with Koffi Olomide for the rhumba song Patati Patata, best male artist, song of the year

Roki whose storied career has encountered more downs than ups mainly due to his own self-destructive tendencies has received a new breath of life since being plucked from obscurity by social media personality cum prophet Passion Java.

The marriage between the two eccentric personalities had been written off by many and pronounced dead on arrival.

To the surprise of many, Roki’s time at Passion Java Records has paid dividends. From his introduction with the soft ballad ‘Zviriko’ to the continental anthem ‘Patati Patata’, every instrumental Roki has layered with his versatile voice has turned to gold and reached the summits of top 1ten charts on radio stations.

Nutty O looks set to walk away as a big winner, his highly acclaimed album Mustard Seed is nominated in the best album and the monster hit Handipere Power is nominated in the best song category.

All female acapella group Breeze hard work has also paid off after they received two nominations in the best group and best traditional gospel category.

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