Ricky under fire

Libinance Dokora

Controversial Zim dancehall singer Ricky Fire has defended his association with ZANU PF party amidst criticisms by some of his fans citing that he had taken a decision which he cannot be sorry for.

This comes in a wake of the intensification of the ruling party ZANU PF efforts to capture the creative arts industry which plays a fundamental role of social commentary by placing many artists under the party wings.

Recently, the sons of the first family Sean and Emmerson Jnr Mnangagwa hosted a lavish luncheon which attracted the presence of various artistes including Enzo Ishall, Holy Ten, Michael Maggz, Doc Vikela, Bhutisi, Poptain, Levelz, Fantan among others.

The attendance of Ricky Fire set tongues wagging on social media culminating from the fact that in recent times the artiste has been one of the musicians who spoke against Mnangagwa’s regime through his music.

He also produced a song titled “Kudya Yellow” a track which features the main opposition party leader Nelson Chamisa on the chorus and performed at Chamisa’s rallies ahead of elections. .

The dancehall artiste took to his Facebook page to share a screenshot of messages threatening him after his association with Chamisa’s party from one user with the username Nyatsimba Mutota.

The message reads: “Cde, I’m giving you 24 hours to issue a press statement clarifying whether you are an artiste or a politician.

And I want you to consider yourself warned!! Don’t try to deceive people hiding behind music while you are a sanctions beggar, the countdown has begun!!”

In response to criticisms and threats by various social media users Ricky Fire said that he is not concerned by what people say as he will not let people dictate how he live his life.

“All along no one has ever come to enquire whether l have eaten or not. You are the loser because you want someone to hate another person because of your hatred for them and want another man to walk in the same road you walk. You shout at an innocent person so you are a loser.”

“You are used to shout at people who do not react and that cannot work with me. Leave me alone l do not eat at your home,” he said.

The Mnangagwas are linked to Scarfemore Records, a record label that has been financing many urban artistes. Sources privy to the developments said the Mnangagwas, through Scarfemore Records, were the ones controlling day-to-day operations at Chillspot Records.

Scarfemore Records are reported to be funding Holy Ten’s lavish lifestyle, his music and his record label Samanyanga Sounds.

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