Ricky Rick: Boss Zonke is no more

Fitzgerald Munyoro

In South African slang, a boss zonke is a trend creator, someone who walks to a different beat than the rest of the people and a creatively unpredictable person.

Such was Ricardo Makhado, popularly known as Ricky Rick.

Besides having a hit single titled Boss Zonke, Ricky exemplified and personified the term.

As unconfirmed reports on social media suggest that the South African producer, rapper,actor, fashion icon Ricardo Makhado  has allegedly committed suicide become surreally more evident, it is only natural to reflect and reminisce on one of Africa’s most creative talents.

Ricky first rose to fame as part of the BoyznBuckz crew which as an ensemble of creatives within South Africa’s entertainment industry.

Ricky(top far left standing) posing with other members of the Boyz n Bucks Crew

It is during this time that industry took notice when he released the self-produced “Nafukwa”.

He followed that up with the hip hop anthem Amantombazana which gained nuclear success.

The remix for the song featured an elite line up of rappers such as Kwesta, Nadia Nakai, Okmalumkoolkat, Kid X and Ginger Trill.

To date it is still regarded as one of the best posse cuts to ever come out of Africa.

He released his debut album Family Values in 2015 which went platinum shortly after.

The album was then followed up by 2 Eps which were both released in 2017.

From there he dedicated his energies to pushing young talents at his own self established record label which he called Cotton Club records.

Supporting young people was something that was very dear to his cause. At The 2017 Metro FM awards, Ricky took a very bold stand against mainstream radio stations in his acceptance speech for an award he had won.

In a strongly worded monologue, he encouraged aspiring artists to use the internet as a way of achieving the success that they want and trashed the bureaucracies that are involved in mainstream record labels and radio stations.

The last tweet he send out on his Twitter account in the wee hours of today..
was this a warning sign?

It seemed he was a man who was willing to walk the talk, on the Stay shining EP, he only featured one artist; a young artist with British drill and trap music influences by the name of Frank Casino.

Away from the spotlight, Ricky took a liking to a young Amapiano artist by the name of Mpura who he mentored in the shadows and taught how to maneuver the ways of the toxic showbiz industry.

Sadly, Mpura’s life would be cut short in a fatal accident in 2021.In a now famous video, a visibly emotional Ricky rick would share his memories of what he thought of the late artist and reflect on all the lessons he wanted to impart on him.

Besides a music career, Ricky also made a mark in the fashion industry.


At awards shows, live performances and fashion events,Ricky’s eccentricism would always grab the headlines.

He is survived by his wife Naidoo and two children.

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