Rhumba melodies that speak louder than words

Daniel Kiwiti

At one time in the late 90s Zimbabwe witnessed an influx of Rhumba music and several artists from D.R .Congo who popularized the rhumba genre to greater heights.

Rhumba was the in thing from weddings, gigs right through to the holy grounds of the church pulpits. Several bands from the Democratic Republic of the Congo made Zimbabwe their second home but for some unknown reasons and most probably due to the advernt of Zimdancehall and Sungura, rhumba musicians fizzled out.

Along the way a musician called Juntal responded to the inner musical call. He started his musical career
as a soul and r&b musician but then due to the intense competition in the industry he decided to change to

Juntal realized that he needed to stand out from the crowded musical genres in order to realize his full
potential and to become a Superstar.

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