Review & Mail partners iHarare in content distribution deal

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Ruzivo Media & Resource Centre Trust, publishers of the Review & Mail newspaper have partnered with iHarare in a content distribution deal.

The partnership will see Review & Mail’s content being distributed on iHarare’s vast digital platforms across all social networks, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

On WhatsApp alone, iHarare distributes to a network of between 80 000 and 100 000 daily verified users. Review & Mail has its organic audience estimated to reach 50 000 weekly users across different platforms.

Consumers in iHarare’s networks will access Review & Mail weekly epaper, newsletters, verticals and other products on their mobile phones or computer devices.

The partnership is a first of its kind in local media and looks set to break institutional barriers within media in Zimbabwe.

 Ruzivo Media and Resources Centre Trust Director Tichaona Zindoga expressed optimism and excitement at the opportunities that the media partnership will bring.

 “This is the first of our collaborative approaches that we will embark on this year and beyond.

“We believe that our friends in the media, both new and established, have certain strengths and comparative advantages that we will need to harness since we do not have to reinvent the wheel,” said Zindoga.

 He said collaboration would allow partners to enjoy each other’s strengths and optimise use of resources.

 “Ours is a small media market, and there is no need to engage in hypercompetitive approaches,” Zindoga said.

Review & Mail is set to unveil other partnerships with more established players.

On the other hand, through the parent organisation, Review & Mail is set to assist partners with various ground breaking innovations and new media solutions.

iHarare said they are very excited to be put of the mega deal.

 “As one of the largest media company with a reach of more than 80 000 to 100 000 WhatsApp reach we are very happy to be the official distribution partner for Ruzivo Media and Resources Centre,” Head of Marketing and Advertising Abel Karowangoro said.

iHarare operates various verticals across news, information and entertainment

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